Our Philosphy
Little Friends Preschool provides a positive learning environment for your child that enhances his or her level of development and provides a happy place to play, learn and explore. Friendship is based on interconnection with family, peers and community. Caring is based on the awareness of the needs others and respect for our environment and positive action based on the feeling of self worth. We intend to promote these values, stimulate curiosity, initiative, confidence and communication, and individual thought.


We are dedicated to establishing within our students a basis of friendship on which they can build solid futures for themselves, their families their communities and the world.


Program Goals

1. To enhance a child’s ability to socialize with his/her peers.
2. To learn skills, ie. Sharing, co-operating, to be considerate of other children’s feelings.
3. To aid in their gross and fine motor development and language skills.
4. To help develop self-confidence and decision-making skills.
5. Expose children to creative challenges.
6. To explore, investigate, and learn about their community and world, in a safe, fun and enriched environment.


All staff are dedicated to develop the child as a “whole person”.
Teaching staff hold ECE diploma or equivalent qualifications required by Ministry of Community and Social Services. A minimum ratio of 8 to 1 is maintained at all times.

All staff are warm, friendly professionals who relate openly with all children and parents.

Discipline Policy
It is our ultimate aim to help each child achieve self discipline and a sense of responsibility. Therefore, limits and standards have been set and are consistently enforced by all staff. Children are encouraged to verbalize their feelings, when dealing with others. In frustrating situations they are redirected to other activities or as a last resort, removed from the group for short periods of time as a time out.


Health Policy
To ensure the health and safety of all our students we ask you not to send your child if he/she is not well. The teachers may request the child be taken home if they feel the child should not be at school.


Dress Policy
Playing is fun and hard work. We ask that you dress your child in comfortable play clothes. Running shoes or rubber soled shoes will assist in your child’s safety. While in the gym your child will need to remove their shoes while on the rubber flooring. Please ensure your child has appropriate shoes for the classroom, especially during winter months.

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